A little ditty... [ 2009-04-17, 1:14 a.m. ]

I had an interesting online chat with a friend that I've reconnected with through Facebook. I knew B. back in high school where we were both in choir. He's a year younger. I haven't seen him since then mainly because I moved in the middle of senior year and haven't seen most people from high school since then. Anyway, he IM'd me through Facebook tonight and we chatted for over an hour about our lives. He was such a good guy in high school. Always made me laugh. Was a good friend. He told me something personal that he's only told 3 other people in his life. That's how connected we were back then and I think he can see through most of my Facebook posts/quizzes that I'm not too dissimilar from him. I mean, yes, our paths took different directions but he had some major trouble at one point that I think sort of broke his spirit a bit. A girlfriend died suddenly from a brain aneurysm and he found her. Plus, he did a small amount of jail time for something he didn't do. I know how that sounds but you'd have to have known the guy to understand that he tells the truth.

Anyway, it was very nice to talk to him. And I can't wait to see him again. I am most likely going to my 25th high school reunion in October and he still lives in the same city. He says he can't say how many times he's told people about the girl who told him about New Wave music. He said I changed him. How cool is that?

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