A Song for my Lovers.... [ 2009-04-19, 10:17 p.m. ]

I feel belchy.

That's a wonderful way to start an entry, huh? Sorry.

I haven't talked to B. since the other night. Kinda disappointed. It was nice to talk to him. But I'm sure we will again.

I emailed Kathy and asked about if she was going to go to the 25th reunion and she replied "If you'll go, I'll go". Yay! That will be super.

My big plans to prep myself for the reunion involve: joining the YWCA so I can swim and do water aerobics. Swimming is really my favorite form of exercise plus it's easy on the joints which is good news for my knees. I also plan on cutting back on my portions and snacks. I refuse to eat rabbit food because that will just kill it for me but I will take smaller portions at meals. And cut down on snacking. Instead of a bag of chips just a handful of chips. That kind of thing. Baby steps.

I need to buy a swimsuit. I'm going to try to do that this week. Not looking forward to it. Haven't bought one in a lot of years.

Tomorrow I'm off from work. Therapy at 11am then a bit of shopping with my Mom.

By the way, we had a small scare with my dad a couple of days ago. He went to his primary doctor about this nagging cough he's had. The doc said he thought it was pneumonia and also that he had an irregular heartbeat. Wanted to put him into the hospital ASAP. But when my dad's cardiologist looked at the x-rays he saw no evidence of pneumonia. He asked another doc and that doc didn't see it either. Turns out it was bronchitis (which my dad gets frequently after he's had a cold because he smokes). He already feels better from the antibiotic they gave him. So, no hospital, thankfully. They gave him a blood thinner for the irregular heartbeat and he'll go back in two weeks for them to take another look at it. I'm so glad it wasn't pneumonia. I don't like to see my Daddy in the hospital.

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