Please please please let me get what I want [ 2009-04-24, 6:59 p.m. ]

Swimming would be so nice right now. It is 85 degrees and not even May!! Yuck. Luckily, I convinced my dad to turn on the a/c. At first when I mentioned it he was all "Wait till May 1st" but then as the afternoon wore on...It got up to almost 90. So now I have the ceiling fan on and the oscillating fan on while the a/c tries to blast in my room.

Yesterday I had my pre-op visit. I had to go get my blood drawn at the hospital for the operation and my veins aren't always easy to access. So she ended up drawing it from my left hand. Which stills feels sore. Some people are better at it then others. I've had blood drawn where I barely feel it.

I was talking to the doc about the operation and he said I would need to take it easy for 48 hours. I'm all "So...I shouldn't work on Tuesday then." Him: "Well, if you do you'll have it swell up and be back in here to see me right away." Me: "Oh." Yep, I had misunderstood that when he told me before that I could walk it on it right away that that meant I could walk around all normal the next day. Guess not! So I had to change the schedule to give myself that day off.

Last night I IM'd for a couple hours with B. from Facebook. Some of it was flirty but some was just talking generally about stuff. Which is cool,too.

I had today off and have done nothing with it. Which is ok by me.

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