Medical Center [ 2009-04-28, 3:26 p.m. ]

So, yesterday was the big day. And what a long day it was. God. My sister picked me up at 6:30am so we could be there by or before 7:30. They brought Mandy in with me to do the registration. The lady asked me to put my palm on this thing that reads it sort of like a fingerprint. Mandy mentioned that she's done something like that before. I looked at her and deadpanned "Oh,was that when you were arrested?" And that was all we needed. For the next five minutes we talked about how she was regular in prison and the lady was just cracking up at us. Too funny.

Shortly after that they sent me into pre-op where I got to completely undress and put on the skimpy gown. Not even underwear. I felt quite exposed. They hooked up my IV which was in my wrist. Painful but the doctor told me I did really well. What's the point of complaining when there's nothing to be done about it?

Mandy came in to keep me company after that. My mom arrived after a while. She and my dad had been at his doctor's office for an appt. My dad didn't come in at all. He was out in the car. I think he's not comfortable at all in hospitals and doesn't know what to do. Plus, I think with his hearing problems it's just difficult to communicate with all that noise around.

Anyway, I finally went in to surgery and then was over. I remember waking up as they were about to move me over to the other bed. I mumbled in my drug stupor "I'm a bit heavy". They brushed that off. Then as they were wheeling me on the bed I said "I really appreciate what all of you do". Hee. I really have a loose tongue when I'm drugged. Or drunk.

I was in post-op phase 1 recovery for close to an hour until I came out of the whole anesthesia stupor. I got some morphine, thankfully. Because of my arthritic hip on my right side and that being where my knee problem is, I was sore from having to stay on my back for that long. Morphine helped. The nurse told me after he'd given me some more that I didn't have that uncomfortable look on my face anymore. This is the way I ask for more drugs "Excuse me. Dennis, do you think I could get something more for the pain. I have pain in my right hip so I'm feeling sore from not moving around." It's weird to hear other people who just outright demand stuff. I want my nurse to like me. Not be all "Oh,no. What now?" Not that it isn't their job but why make it more difficult?

So I was eventually steered into phase 2 recovery where I actually sat on a recliner instead of a bed. That was much better. My mom came in with me for a while and then I was finally able to leave. It was about 2:30 by then. But it felt like longer.

Mandy had left to take care of some things before her kids got home but she came over to see me later on.

I was doing ok yesterday pain-wise. Did take the Percoset prescribed and was moving around alright using my dad's walker. I talked online with B last night for an hour. And in my drug stupor I sent him an email later on:
Don't you love Facebook? I like how I've been able to reconnect with so many people in my life. From people I used to work with at Barnes and Noble, people I worked with at the nightclub, people from my theatre days. And, of course, people from school. I'm so glad I looked at the CSHS class of 1985 and found you. I really like talking to you and hearing your opinions and sense of humor shining through. Plus, I do love the flirting. You make me smile and feel appreciated. That's a great thing. So,thanks for that.

He didn't write me back but I'm not sure the email requires that. I just wanted to tell him what I told him.

I woke up today in more pain. More sore than I was yesterday which is what the nurse told me would happen. I went ahead and called out for tomorrow. I just can't imagine being able to be on my feet and feel ok.

I didn't see my doctor after the operation because he was already in surgery again. But he spoke to my family and told him the op went alright and they found a lot arthritis. Brilliant! Bleh. I see him again in two weeks so maybe he can figure out something for that and my hip.

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