Take off to the Great White North [ 2009-05-01, 1:20 a.m. ]

I was having a good day and yesterday and then I IM'd with B and he was short with me and I was just taken aback. And then I started crying. Because that's how crappy I'm feeling. I mean, my leg is improving. But this past month and a half it's just this tiring feeling that weighs me down. So it's the second time this week that I've cried with little provocation. I'm not happy with him being cryptic and not really telling me why he was being pissy but there was no need for me to cry. I didn't tell him I was and we didn't IM after that. I signed off without saying good night. Don't know if he'll really notice anyway.

Last night was nice because I was on Facebook and Jay (as in Jay from Toronto that I visited back in 2001) messaged through there. We chatted and laughed and gave each other a hard time for over an hour. I love that guy. He turns 29 this Saturday. Yes,yes. I saw him when he was 21 and remember just how young he was and acted. He's different now but still the wonderfully snarky yet caring guy that I love. It was just so nice to talk to him out of the blue like that. And nice that he initiated it.

Sigh. I feel better now talking about that.

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