Sometimes you have to not let the music move you to that dark place [ 2009-05-07, 11:46 p.m. ]

I have just felt too lazy to write anything lately. Plus, there's not a whole lot to say.

So, let's see. I had my post op visit with my doctor on Tuesday after work. He stuck a needle in my knee to remove some of the fluid that came from the swelling which caused me pain. Made it much better. Not great but better. At least that's something. Now if I could get my right hip to stop giving me pain from the arthritis. It's hard to find a comfortable position to sleep. Though I did manage to snooze away the afternoon and evening today. It felt so good.

I've talked to B again a few times. Last night he was down in the dumps and I really didn't want to help him stay there. So, because I'm on medication and in therapy I've managed to be able to talk myself out of most of my sad states. Not so with him. I don't know. I like talking to him but he definitely needs to try to enjoy life more.

My sis,Christy, is coming to town on Monday to take our mom, me and Mandy to lunch in honor of Mother's Day. So glad I don't have to go into work till 5:30pm that day because of inventory that night. It'll be so nice to see her.

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