Sleepyhead [ 2009-05-26, 10:26 p.m. ]

Once again I've been lax about updating.

I really need to clean up around here. I still have crap sitting in boxes in my room that I really should do something about since they're in my room and not in the storage shed. I'm such a lazy ass.

I just worked 6 days in a row and finally get tomorrow off. I started taking B complex last week because I need my metabolism to get cranking. Somehow I made it to today. And today was the day our boss came back from her vacation and I knew the day wouldn't go by without her catching me fucking up in some tiny, stupid way. Ugh.

When I updated my Facebook status stating that I felt like I couldn't do much right at work, Tracy IM'd me and said not to worry about it. That she was sure that she would be in trouble for any number of stupid things. It really does suck that both of us have come to really dislike working for our boss. She used to have a good relationship with our boss but she said that this past year had been hell. I hate that somebody else is going through this crap too but you know, misery does love company.

I might be going to see a band on Saturday night if I can push myself out of the house. I really hope I do. Jim posted an event and alerted me to it about the Helio Sequence playing at a club in town. I like them and it would be nice to go out. I have to work the next day at 8am so we'll see how long I stay out.

I'm still talking to B online. He told me the other night that he really does look forward to talking to me and I told him I liked talking to him too. It's quite sweet. We mainly talk about music and life. Pretty much all I like to talk about.

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