Put one foot in front of the other [ 2009-06-05, 1:39 a.m. ]

Man, I am just too lazy for my own good.

I was supposed to go to the preview party for the new club but because it was raining and I just wasn't all hepped up for it...I didn't go. If somebody had been going with me, I'm sure I would have gone. But it's difficult when you fly solo to most things. That's my excuse. I think it's a legitimate one but still...sucks. I really do plan on going for the Grand Opening tomorrow night. It isn't supposed to rain for one thing! Plus, maybe I can go shopping tomorrow and find a new shirt to wear or something.

I am now on arthritis medication that's an anti-inflammatory. And I will be going in a couple of weeks for a series of shots to help lubricate my joints. Yay! The doc looked at my ankle also, had x-rays done and said that while there's no arthritis in it, that I'm probably suffering from tendinitis. He's sending me to physical therapy to see if that will help me since it almost stays swollen.

I can feel myself going stir crazy and feeling a bit more crabby lately. If I had gone out tonight it would've helped so much. That's why I have to push myself out the door tomorrow night.

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