I'll come running [ 2009-06-11, 11:25 p.m. ]

So....vacation time now.

But I don't feel all that joyful about things right now. I think...some of it has to do with how I'm avoiding taking care of myself diet-wise. While at the same time I've been consistently taking my supplements (B-Complex and Tumeric) every day and my crazy pill and arthritis pill every day, of course. Trying to wash my face more (I've always been lax about getting my makeup off but recently my face has gotten more oily and it's gross). Even getting my hair professionally colored/cut a few weeks ago was part of taking care of myself. Along with the freakin' visits to the orthopedic doc and the dentist.

But when it comes down to denying myself junk food...it's almost impossible. And even though I'm starting to feel a sense of panic since my 25th graduation reunion comes up in October....it still hasn't pushed me to stop overeating or even to actually get myself to do any form of exercise (ok, that last part does have a bit to do with the pain my legs are giving me).

I'm so frustrated at myself. I just have this overall feeling of dread.

I go to Charleston tomorrow to visit Christy and Kevin. I hope to just relax and try to forget about crap. But mostly it will be nice to be with my sister.

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