Weekend in Charleston [ 2009-06-16, 1:31 a.m. ]

Here's synopsis of my weekend. Not all details are that interesting to anyone but me but that's why I keep this diary. So I can remember small details.

On Friday I finally got myself into my car at 12:30pm. I listened to the cd of David Sedaris' book "When You Are Engulfed In Flames" which is read by the man himself. He's so great. So funny.

I had some trouble with my eyes just wanting to close on the way down. Hate driving sometimes. Stupid stupid eyes. I think it could be a sign it's time for glasses. I just happen to think of that. Hmm.. Something to think about. I did end up pulling into a rest area just to rest my eyes for a few minutes.

I got there about 4:30 and my brother in law, Kevin, was there. Brought all my stuff in and settled me into the second floor guest room. Yes, stairs. They have stairs outside (it's Sullivan's Island so you better have your house up high), too. My knees were not happy. The whole weekend was a bit of a trial physically speaking.

My sister, Christy, came home from work around 5:30 and we ended up going to dinner at this place called Queen Anne's Revenge on Daniel Island. Good food and they have a really cool display of authentic pirate stuff. Arghh! I had a tasty ribeye and a Midori sour. Heaven.

We then went to B&N on Mt.Pleasant, of course, since I was only at work the day before! I ended up buying the Ting Tings cd and the newest Entertainment Weekly.

The next day we went to the Charleston Museum which had a special exhibit of From Slave to Sharecropper. We also visited the permanent exhibit. Across the street is the Joseph Manigault House. We had a guided tour during which this tourist woman kept interrupting to give her own little non-interesting tidbits. Attention, people. Please do us all favor and don't interrupt the guide during a tour. It's irritating!!! Anyway, the house was very interesting and beautiful. I recommend it.

Before we had gone to the museum we went to a smoothie place and Christy and I got smoothies that were way too big. For some reason though, we felt that we had to finish them anyway. Looking back...not a great idea. They were delicious, however.

Somehow we finally got hungry enough for dinner and went to a mexican place that I can't remember the name of. Had a great taco salad and a very big and strong Margarita. So much so that when we were at the Blockbuster after wards I was walking around thinking "whee!". We rented Bottle Shock. A really enjoyable movie with just a few drawbacks. But I recommend it.

On Sunday morning, while Christy was at church since she's in the choir, Kevin and I went to the beach which is only four blocks away. The water was a bit colder than we had thought it would be but we stayed in for almost an hour anyway. I hadn't done that in too long.

On Sunday afternoon we went shopping downtown. Ate somewhere which proceeded to give me a stomach ache. I hate that. But I persevered. We shopped even through the rain! I bought a couple of matted photographs at the Market. Can't wait to frame them. One is black/white and is a picture in the early morning with the fog still lingering. It looks almost like a graveyard though it was taken at a park. The other is one of several broken gravestones stacked up which was taken at ChristChurch in Charleston. Yes, I know. I'm a real downer. But I love that kind of stuff.

I bought a nice ring and earrings. And just other assorted stuff. That night we went to a seafood place on Shem Creek that I was not impressed with. Don't think we'll go back.

Christy had to work on some work stuff and apparently wasn't happy about it. It was forced upon her on Friday and she needed to have it done by Monday. She ended up going upstairs while Kevin and I watched "The Dark Knight". I love that movie. I've seen it before, of course. But the second viewing is even better.

I was booted out Monday morning at 8am since they had to go to work then. I did everything I could to keep my eyes awake. Not. Easy.

I got home and ate lunch. Then just slept for 6 hours straight. I guess I need to go to the eye doctor soon.

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