My heart leaps up [ 2009-06-18, 5:26 a.m. ]

Yesterday I went to the physical therapist about the tendinitis in my left ankle. He's going to have me come in twice a week or so for a month plus have me do "homework" every day. I stand on my left leg and balance for 15 seconds. Stop for at least 30 seconds and do two more sets. The problem with my ankle has affected my balance on that leg and this is to help me get stronger. After a month we'll see how I'm doing and take it from there. I really hope it works.

I was supposed to get my first shot of five of the supartz injections. But I didn't have my insurance all approved for them yet. Blah. So once they do so, I'll go back. I'm hoping that will be next week.

Today was the Band of Horses concert at a local club. I really had to push myself to go. It would have been so easy to just not. I had bought my ticket in advance and even the thought that I would be wasting that money didn't phase me much. But the thought that I would once again have to tell people that no..I didn't go to the concert...once again would be stupid. Plus, I knew that later I would regret it. The show was sold out. I went in jeans and a cool black tee with some sparkly on it and sandals. It was mainly just standing, unfortunately for me.

But I had gotten there right towards the end of the opening band's set. I usually do like to check out the opening band but since I wasn't familiar with them (ok,that's no excuse) and I was by myself and didn't want to stand for that long (that's a legitimate excuse), I timed it that way. I hunkered down on a small platform and dorked out by playing Scrabble on my iPhone.

Band of Horses came on close to 9:15. They sounded great. Played some tunes from their forthcoming album which sounded very good. I had the side-view of the stage which was fine. I was able to boogie in one place. At one point I smelled pot and looked over to the kids next to me who were smoking it out of some small bong. I was thinking to myself "Dudes, you realize that everyone can smell that, ya know".

They played close to 11pm and I was glad I had gone. I mean..I really enjoy shows more when I have somebody there with me but that wasn't an option. So, anyway, I came home after that. I posted on my twitter that I had gone to see them. And I guess one of the BoH members searched for the band name under topics and found me. So they are now following me. Cool,huh? I love the social networking world.

Speaking of...B im'd me and we yammered about different things for an hour or so. I do like talking to him. And I know he likes talking with me, too. I don't know what to expect when I see him in October while I'm in Roanoke for the reunion. Will there be physicalness involved? I feel like I want there to be. And maybe he does,too. But...I really don't want to get my hopes up. It's a good way to get them dashed.

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