Stray Cat Strut [ 2009-06-22, 8:58 p.m. ]

Man...the first day back from vacation really blows. Re-entry is a bitch!

I had fun at Kathy and Robert's this past weekend. She and I did some major shopping. I bought a really cute skirt and top at L@ne Bryant. And then I bought these shoes to go with the outfit. 2 1/2 inches! Who knew I could do it?! I mean..I can't walk a mile in them but they are so cute and sexy for just general type walking.

It was just nice to spend time with them. Friday night, when Kathy got too sleepy to stay up, Robert and I watched this wonderfully awful movie that he'd actually dvr'd from the Chiller network called Abominable. We had a great time doing running commentary through the whole thing. I really do love that Kathy married somebody that I can have fun with and talk to. Not a lot of people get that lucky!

I love that their whole house is filled with cats. Four adult cats: Marmalade who is a big, fluffy orange cat; Sam who is a gray tabby with that sweet face that reminds me of Maddux; Gertie who is a gray and white diva cat; Quinn who is a one-eyed rescued cat who has a very sweet personality. Also, they are fostering 4 kittens for the SPCA. It was a feline extravaganza!

This Thursday night I'll be going with Helen to the new club because they're doing a retro night now on Thursdays. And back in the day when Helen and I worked together after knowing each other at college and theatre we would go out with our other co-worker, Scott, on Thursdays to the old club and have such a time of it. So, we're going to have dinner and then go to the club to drink and dance and drink and dance. I can't wait!!

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