The Way You Make Me Feel [ 2009-06-27, 12:11 a.m. ]

I almost panicked today when I realized I only had two of my crazy pills left. I had meant to reschedule my appt. with my psychiatrist (I had canceled the original appt. to go see my orthopedic doc). But I didn't realize I was that low. Luckily, the place was able to schedule me for Monday so that's a weight off.

Speaking of weight...I've been cutting back on my food intake for the last couple of days and I really like how I feel when I eat like this. It's a different kind of control that the overeating gives me. But in a healthier way. I still eat but I'm making better food choices and smaller portions. Plus, I love fruit and that's my only favorite thing about summertime. Strawberries, watermelon, peaches...

Last night Helen and I went to dinner and then dancing. We ate at a Louisiana style place. I had Maryland style crab cake on a croissant. It was damn good. I love crab cakes. And I had a Bayou Blast drink. Strong and fruity. We gabbed and gabbed and gabbed. Went to the dance club which was not busy at all that early. Did a little bit of dancing but mainly we drank and talked a lot. We both wished it had been busier but I reminded her that the retro night was new and that some people who might come out can't because they work the next day. Anyway, we stayed till around midnight. I have a feeling we'll be hanging out more this summer. I know during the school year it's hard for her to do much because she gets up early to go to her preschool to teach. But I hope we can somehow keep up with each other.

We're going to go see the B-52s play in August and the Cult are playing in Sept. so we're planning on going to that, too.

Last night I had a dream that Bono was hitting on me and staring at my boobs. I love dreams like that.

Like the rest of the music loving public, the news about Michael Jackson saddened me. I was a huge fan of Off the Wall and Thriller and a few of the songs from the other stuff in the 80's like "Smooth Criminal". In Dance for Musical Theatre class we did a routine to that song and it always fills me with great memories. That's what music can be at it's best. His music made me happy and still does.

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