I know a place where I can go.... [ 2009-06-29, 1:52 a.m. ]

I almost didn't make it to the show tonight. I went to work today and started feeling really nauseous. It kept coming in waves. Where you're like "Oh, I think I'm feeling bett....no, wait. Spoke too soon." When my afternoon person came in, I skedaddled out of there. (I like how Firefox recognizes skedaddled). Granted I could have maybe stayed on but hell, I knew that if I had to be there till 4:30 that I would probably feel too tired to get to the show. So, I made a stop at the drugstore, bought a few things including Pepto and went home. Ate a smallish lunch with my Pepto and then crashed for 3 hours.

When I woke up I really could have just gone back to sleep so easily. But, because of the Pristiq I'm on it really does help me get myself up and out when I need to. I got up and got dressed in blue jeans, black t-shirt that has sparklies on it and my black boots. My eyes were watering because I'd slept with my face all scrunched up like I'm wont to do. Therefore, no eye makeup. Just foundation, blush and lipstick and my hair all brushed out. I looked nice, I think.

I got out to the venue (by the way, I was there to see the Lemonheads. And an old music acquaintance(JeffW) from the old days who had a band back then and now has a new one..well his new band was opening up..that was a convoluted sentence.) I was going by myself which sucks but a music fan has to do what she has to do. I got myself a Malibu Rum and Diet Coke and perched at a railing near the bar. Took some photos with my iPhone and my digital camera, including some video. Now I just have to figure out how to do the uploading from my camera.

Anyhow, JeffW's band was really good. Some of it reminded me of the power pop band, the Posies, but also some of the Lemonheads, which was fitting. I was going to talk to him before or after they played but I didn't seize my opportunity. I moved up closer when the Lemonheads (which is really just Evan Dando with new players) started to play. He was much better than last time when the venue he played had sucky sound. But that was also the time I played his guitar..so that holds fond memories for me.

The bass player for him was cute as a button. He was cute anyway but his smile knocked it out of the park. I think I took quite a few photos of him. :)

After their set ended, I made my way to the table where JeffW's band had set up merch. I talked to the guitar player, Matt, and asked where Jeff was and he was right next to us. Jeff and I hugged and realized we hadn't seen each other in person since the mid-90's. He's a cool guy. Married and really hasn't changed much at all though. We talked about the show and I asked if he'd gotten to meet Evan. He said the band got kicked out of the back once the Lemonheads came in. But the bass player kept coming out asking, for Evan, if anyone knew where to get drugs. I commented that the bass player was really cute and Jeff, whom I love for this comment, said "Yes. He is pretty hot. I should have said 'I'll make out with you and then tell you where to get the drugs!'". You have to love a straight guy for that. Hee.

I ended up buying their two cds and telling Matt, the guitar player, about coming into my store to put their cds in my dept. I waved and said good night to Jeff as I was leaving, who was chatting with other people now. He thanked me for coming out and said he'd be Facebooking at me. We've been Facebook friends for a few months now.

So I came home and made some food and chatted online with B for over an hour. It was about time! I had left a comment for him saying I was pouting that he wasn't around when I was. Yesterday I had messaged him telling him that I'd just had an orgasm and was now snuggling into bed with nothing but a tank top on. He just messaged back with "Good to know :)". Heh.

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