Sister, sister [ 2009-08-03, 11:06 p.m. ]

Oops. Over a week since I updated.

Last Wednesday morning, I weighed myself and I had lost 7.5 lbs. Yay! I'm going to weigh myself again tomorrow. Not sure how well I did this past week so we'll see.

That day, last Wednesday, I had to go to the dentist before work because my temporary filling had come out. Went there and sat in the chair for 45 minutes while he had to put in a permanent one instead because there really wasn't enough tooth left for the temporary one to stay in. We're babying that tooth along till January when I have to get a root canal. Whee.

So, I was going to go to work afterwards and everything but on the way there I felt nauseous from the numbing stuff in my mouth. And my jaw was sore because of the TMJ does not let me just have my mouth open for that long. Insert blowjob joke here. That's what she said.

Anyway, I get to work at 9:30 and was going to be clocking in at 10am. But I was like, fuck this shit. I'm going home. So I told them how I felt and went home.

Going to the dentist wears me out. Blah.

On Saturday morning, I was about to leave for work when I saw my mom on the phone. She motioned for me to wait, so I did. Turns out that my Aunt Carol (my mom's only sibling) was in the ICU and it was my cousin, Karen, on the phone. She was letting my mom know that it wasn't looking for my Aunt and that we should come see her ASAP. Last Monday I had gone to visit my Aunt in the hospital when my parents couldn't make it since my dad had to go to the er because of his heart monitor. Nothing dire. It had just sent a signal to the hospital (different one than my Aunt) that he had registered an irregular heartbeat. He got there with my mom and he was fine.

I hate going to hospitals by myself. And that situation with my Aunt was a bit awkward since my cousins weren't there at the moment and my poor Aunt was on a BIPAP mask (sort of like the ones people with sleep apnea wear) for her breathing which was weak. I didn't really know what to do. I talked for a few minutes. One-sided, of course. But she was very tired so I left. I sort of felt like that could be the last time I would see her. But, I called in on Saturday because my mom asked me to be with her. I didn't mind doing that at all. Work was fine with it.

I drove my parents and I downtown to the hospital and dropped them off at the front while I parked since my dad can't do long distance walking. We went up to ICU where Mandy, my sis, and one of her daughters, Sarah, were there with two of my cousins (Karen and Alison). Had to put on the gown and gloves. My Aunt was drugged up so she was fairly alert and not on the BIPAP mask. But her body's muscle mass is not regenerating making her breathing and everything else slowly shut down.

We were able to laugh and joke around and she was entertained. Ending up being there for two hours. My other sis, Christy and her husband, Kevin, came up later in the day and visited her. That's a four hour drive up from Charleston. At the same time, my Aunt's third daughter (yes, my aunt and mom each had 3 daughters. We're all about a year to two years apart. Alison's closest to my age by two years, I think)...anyway, Julia was with her husband in Atlanta at a Braves game. While her mother is in the ICU. I don't understand that. Their father died earlier this year and here she is about to lose her mom now and she's not in town to savor every minute. Don't understand this at all. And according to Karen, as of this morning, Julia still hadn't come to see Aunt Carol.

Sigh. So, my mom will see Aunt Carol again tomorrow and she's fairly certain it will be the last time. I hate that she's losing her sister so soon. Carol's health has been in decline for a couple of years but's hard to prepare yourself to lose someone that close.

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