Ow. my whole fucking body. [ 2009-09-02, 12:45 a.m. ]

Sciatica...how I hate you.

I went to get a massage today. An hour and a half one! It was very good while I was there but the sciatica comes back pretty quick. Enough to make you want to cry. Standing and walking and even just sitting can be so painful. Right now I'm leaning into it so it doesn't hurt. The massage therapist recommended I use a tennis ball and use that to lean into to get to the muscle. That does help. Also, a heating pad. But I've got to soon just break down and go to a chiropractor or somebody. I hate this.

This past weekend I went to see Kathy and Robert up in Raleigh. I spent too much money but it was fun and worth it. Kath and I went clothes shopping at Lane Bryant and then for unnecessary makeup at Sephora. Saturday night we started watching the movie "Me and You and Everyone We Know". I remember it got good reviews but I hadn't ever watched it. So we started watching it and all of us didn't like it. I think the scene that sealed that was the little kid telling his older brother to type in this chat room "I'll poop into your butthole and then you'll poop into my butthole. Then we'll keep exchanging the same poop. Forever." I mean....really? Good grief. I really didn't want to hear a 7 year old say that. Shortly after that we turned off the movie but we couldn't stop quoting that line.

Sunday, we went to Best Buy to look at laptops. I'm really considering getting one in the next month, hopefully they'll go on sale. Robert (who works in a software company and knows a lot about computers) helped me make a decision about one that BB had for $529. HP laptop.

We ate some good food during the weekend. Pizza on Friday night from a local place. Saturday night was Asian takeout from Pei Wei which is associated with PF Changs. I had the Pad Thai. Delicious. Had it leftover the next day for lunch. And Sunday night we went to an Italian place in downtown Raleigh. I had the chicken parmesan and salad. Also, two limontinis and irish coffee and cheesecake. Those martinis were delish. And the coffee was so irish it should've had a potato in it.

Ok, anyway, this week is vacation time. And I should get some sleep soon.

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