The best I've ever seen? [ 2009-09-22, 7:15 p.m. ]

One more day of work! I can get through one more day! I can, can't I?

Today was weird. I had two annual reviews to give (the last of the five I give). They should've been easy ones. But the first was for the older guy that works in my dept. He could not understand why he didn't get an Exceptional rating in "Approachability" rather than a Skilled rating. I honestly was stumped on how to tell him. Didn't handle it great. Just said something like "Well, um, skilled is very good!". In these reviews Exceptional equals "the best you've ever seen". Well, he ain't. He's a bit gruff sometimes, or at least that's how he can seem. He's a New Yorker and it's just part of his being. In the South that kind of demeanor can be off-putting. He does his job and it's fine. But not Exceptional. Naturally my boss had to walk into the office during his comments and she talked to me later about what I should do. So I get to talk to him again tomorrow to clarify why he was only given a Skilled rating.

That should be fun.

I went to T@rget (also known as The Devil) after work to pick up my arthritis pain meds. I only spent $26 which is a major accomplishment. Bought some makeup remover towelettes (those things are so damn convenient) and some food stuffs.

I wish I liked baths. Cause right now I'd soak in one. But I get too restless just laying there. It's like whenever I go to the beach or a pool. I can't really just lay there. I have to go swim. Anyway, my body is so tired and sore. But, the good news is that my sciatica isn't acting up. Maybe those steroids helped!

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