Love my Way [ 2009-10-01, 12:17 a.m. ]

To explain my last entry... I was really disappointed because I found out that Brooks wasn't going to be able to go to Raleigh last weekend. He had to take his daughter for the weekend because his ex-wife needed to do something. I understand about his child but part of me was thinking "Couldn't you get somebody else to be with her?" but that's kind of crappy thinking. I let him know I was disappointed but that I understood.

He told me to let him know how the concert was and I told him "well, you're the one who really wanted to see it. My main purpose of going was to meet up with you." Men. They are stupid.

So, remember how last week I was talking about the grumpy older guy that works in my dept? Well, I talked with him on Friday and he was all "Oh, I wasn't upset about my review. I was just busting your chops. People think I'm upset and I'm not really." So..I was thinking , ok fine. I'm not going to open this can of worms of saying "You're too gruff sometimes".

Turns out I should have. I came in on Monday after having the weekend off and was told that their had been an incident with him and another manager. I'm not going to go into the details but I'm over having to tiptoe around this guy. He intimidates me with his voice/heavy NY accent and demeanor. He's in his 70's and he isn't going to change now. Tomorrow I get to have another conversation with him (with an asst. manager sitting in) and just have a frank conversation about things. Think of me at 1pm tomorrow.

Anyway..moving on to other things. I am so tired of thinking about it.

Monday I closed and Tuesday I opened. Which means I ended up getting zero sleep on Monday night. I had an appt. with my psychiatrist after work on Tuesday. He prescribed the generic of Sonata. Apparently the Space Shuttle astronauts use it because it's good for people who work swing shifts. It sounds like exactly what I need.

Today was my day off. Last night I passed out and slept for 7 hours. Woke up for a few hours and then passed out again till about 11:30am. Got up, took a shower and then went shopping with my mom. Made tacos for dinner. Peanut butter cookies from a Betty Crocker mix for snacks. Watched So You Think You Can Dance, Criminal Minds and CSI NY. DVR'd GLEE for later.

And I think my headache that I've had all day has almost gone away. Huzzah!

Over the weekend I watched a couple of movies. "Adventureland" which was ok. But I couldn't understand why it was set in the 80's. I realize it was semi-autobiographical for the writer (and director?) of the movie but really it played no real part except the music. And the lead guy was a second-rate Adam Brody/Michael Cera type. He wasn't bad but I just kept thinking he was doing an impersonation. And it looks like he's doing the same thing in that new movie Zombieland. Which I kinda want to see.

I also watched the remake of "Last House on the Left". It was eh. Not as powerfully emotional like the first one. It needed to be grittier.

This weekend is Colin Hay (of Men at Work whom I adored) on Friday night and Psychedelic Furs/Happy Mondays on Saturday night. Yay!

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