Two Buck Chuck [ 2009-10-20, 9:15 p.m. ]

I am sooooo stoked for this reunion now.

I got an invite from my friend, Charles, to see his band play on Saturday. Now, I've mentioned him before but let me refresh your memories. I've known him off and on since 2000. We met thru a fan site message board for the Afghan Whigs. Started emailing and whatnot. I talked to him on the phone often when he did a Friday night radio show that streamed online.

He would send me advance bootlegs of Radiohead or Twilight Singers or Ryan Adams. While I could give him really nothing in return but my appreciation and friendship. Very generous, sweet guy. Anyway, I would see him on the Afghan Whigs email chain list but then when Facebook came into being we reconnected through that.

So, I get invites to the band he manages and plays in. Plus, he sent me their two cds a few weeks ago. Really good band. Anyway, the invite showed them playing in Roanoke on Saturday night!!!! I just talked to him thru chat on FB and he's all excited. We exchanged numbers to text or phone about when we could see each other. He said the other guys in the band don't usually like to get to town too early so he might come solo ahead of time. Yay!!

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