Now I...had...the time of my life...(get ready for the jump!) [ 2009-10-26, 1:50 a.m. ]

Ok, I'll cough up some details about the weekend. Speaking of coughing..I seem to have a combo of allergies/too much talking/being around cigarettes scratchy voice that makes me sound like a whiskey-soaked singer who can't quite hit the notes. How bothersome.

I got to Roanoke after some wrong turns (thank JESUS for the gps on my iPhone!)at about 1pm on Saturday. I hadn't been back there in about 17 years, I believe. It's so beautiful all tucked into the mountains. It's too small a place for me to live but it's gorgeous to visit. Especially now with all the fall colors.

I checked into the Holiday Inn. Got a 3rd floor room. Took a shower and chilled for a bit. I could have called Brooks but...honestly..I just didn't want to deal with him. I think my prior entries can explain that, ya know?

So, I watched some tv and played on my iPhone. I then texted Charles to let him know I was about to leave for the pre-party shindig and would be at the show later. I told him I'd be the overdressed one. He replied he's be in a tux. Hee.

I once again took some wrong turns before I found Maria's house which was soooo very cool. She's got such great, funky artistic taste. She's married and has 3 kids. One of whom is only 4 and is cute as a button with the name Penelope. Adorable!

There were a few people who came as well that I knew. One of them, Tam, I was always next to in homeroom because we have the same last name initial. Funny how friendships form because of the smallest things.

By the way, you can kinda see it in the pic that I posted previously but my dress was a leopard print spaghetti strap to the knees. I was wearing a plunging neckline bra and man...they really do help accentuate the boob area. I also had a gold shrug on and half-inch wedge metallic brown patent leather shoes. I got several compliments on the outfit. And I did notice a few men ogling the boobies later on.

Anyway, Maria and I went in my car to the reunion with a trail of people following. We didn't take the right street (it was the day for wrong turns!) and had to have everyone u-turn. Heh. The reunion was in a country club up a small mountain hillside. (God, I love that I learned to drive in that town. I loved driving on those winding roads.) Got there, signed in and got a name tag. I immediately felt the need to cling to Maria. Thankfully, she understood. Strangely enough she confessed to being nervous beforehand, too. I think everyone was really.

I feel so intimidated in these situations. I SUCK at mingling. I'd really love to have people come to me like the Godfather. Sometimes that works, sometimes not. Anyway, I did talk to a few people. Most everyone was really nice. Actually everybody was. Though one former classmate mentioned that my Facebook updates are..opinionated. Well, yes. Yes, they are. Cause that's what I am. I also saw a girl that I HATED back then. She was polite to me, of course. But inside I was thinking "You are such a bitch!". Blech. High school idiots.

There was a cover band playing that had one of our classmates in it,Lisa, who was on keyboards. They really rocked. Maria and I danced but were one of the few doing so. Bunch of old fogies. My God. We're 43,people. Not 83.

So after being there for 3 hours Maria asked if I was ready to go see Charles' band. I definitely was! So, she and I and another friend of Maria's from the class, Chris, went in my car. I mentioned that I was probably going to stay till the end so maybe I should take them to Maria's house to get her car. So that's what we did.

Got to the bar and I once again felt that "Oh, no. Now what do I do?". I thought I saw him but never having met Charles in person I wasn't certain and felt very shy. So we got a table and heard a couple of songs. (Btw, Charles manages the band and sometimes sits in on a couple of songs).Finally I summoned up a tiny amount of courage (geez, this is totally why I'm single) and texted him with "Dude, I'm here!!". A half-minute later he came walking back to my table and we hugged and the rest of the night, between doing a few merchandise transactions with cds/shirts, he sat with me and we talked and listened to the band.

Good God. He looks right at you when he talks and is just one of nicest, funniest, smart guys ever. We hugged again at the end of the night and he walked me to my car. We told each other how great it was to finally meet. And yea... it just felt nice to be appreciated, ya know? From Maria taking me under her wing to Charles being such a good was a great day. Really really was.

I left on Sunday morning around noon. I did call Brooks but only got his machine. Whatever. Like I said, it was nice to be appreciated.

And I should be going to see Charles' band again in Raleigh this time on November 20th. Means I can also visit Kathy at the same time. And I can see Charles again, too.

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