WTF? [ 2009-11-02, 9:12 p.m. ]

Today was a draining kind of day.

Last night after I had written in here and all, I was sitting at my computer and looked over and on the carpet was a HUGE fucking cockroach. And of course I didn't react fast enough to get it. So I ended up staying up till past 5am and sleeping in the spare room. Woke up after about 4 hours and ran some errands.

Came home and made some lunch and my sister Mandy called. She was in tears because their power had been turned off. She was behind by two months. She couldn't get a hold of Christy, our eldest sister who is usually able to help her out. I told her I'd front her the money till Christy could get it back to me since I reallly reallly need to make my car payment. It's overdue.

Oh, before I went on my errand running I was going to go into the bathroom to ..ya know..use it. It's right next to my bedroom and I looked up at the wall as a matter of habit after living in my apartment where I was always on the lookout for roaches. And there it was. High up on the wall behind the door. *shudder* Over an inch long. Yuck. My mom tackled the job of killing it for me. Honestly. What is it about those things that I just get the heebie jeebies about? My mom is pretty fearless when it comes to insects. She was always able to pick up crickets and toss them outside. (I've actually done that but only for the smaller ones. I can also palm moths.)

So in my errand running I got the Bengal Roach Spray which I would use at the apartment which worked like a dream. It's uber powerful. If we still had Maddux I wouldn't use it around him. I can still kinda smell the spray even though it's been a few hours.

I cleaned up my crappy looking room. I am very very very sloppy. So I got a bunch of stuff up off of the floor and vacuumed. That made me feel better. Hate thinking I attract roaches. Bleh.

I really have no energy to write tonight in NaNo. I might try but really I have to be at work at 7 in the morning. I'm fading fast.

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