Thankful [ 2009-11-25, 11:17 p.m. ]

So, I'm definitely going to Roanoke again on Dec. 16th to see Charles and his band. I cleared it with Maria to stay with her and her family that night up there. It will be nice to go up there again and to get away during the big holiday season at work. Plus...seeing Charles again. I'm going to let Brooks know that I'll be in town so we'll see about that.

I saw my therapist today and had a good session. I told her about my wigging out when I thought Charles was ignoring me. We went over the cognitive behavior exercises that I can do when I'm leaning towards negative thinking. Presuming that somebody thinks something about me when I really have no idea. It's a challenge to not be negative but I want to be happier so I will try.

Charles is sick and I swear all we did was hug. He doesn't use medication, like other people I've known, so he's just sweating it out and talking about phlegm like I was doing. I'm still coughing and blowing my nose. I should go back to the doctor cause I don't feel this going away. It could be walking pneumonia. I don't know.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. We'll be going over to Mandy's house where all of my nieces and nephews will be in attendance as well as my niece-in-law. One of my nieces, Jennifer, is pregnant. She found out a few weeks ago but waited to say anything. She had a miscarriage this past summer when she was with her b/f. But about a month ago they broke up and the conception happened just before they broke up. She's keeping the baby, which I understand but still don't know what I would do if I was her. She isn't in the best position financially but who really is? I just hope she carries to term and the baby and she is healthy.

I am thankful for:
My parents for opening their home to me.
My sisters for being there for me.
My nieces and nephews for just being themselves.
Brooks who has been a friend to me.
Charles who has made my life a bit more fun lately.
Kathy who is my best friend since junior high through thick and thin.
My job which is fun at its best. And that's what I will focus on.
I'm in pretty good health despite all the aches and pains.
And I'm very thankful for having a place to share my thoughts.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

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