Double Word Score! [ 2009-12-04, 12:56 p.m. ]

Second day off in a row. Bingo!

Last night Brooks and I came to an understanding. He called it the Judith/Brooks Peace Treaty of 2009. He understands, I think, what irritated me so much. So..that's good.

Yesterday I heard through from an old high school friend that I didn't see at the reunion. Her name is Tami and she sent me a private message and gave me her email. I sent one off to her last night and can't wait to hear back from her. We were really good friends in my junior year and the summer after. Actually until I moved and a bit after. And then I pretty much lost touch with everybody save for Kathy.

I got a reply from Jim on FB to a message I sent him last week. He hadn't been on much apparently and apologized for not writing back sooner. That made me smile. It's nice to know also that any qualms of "Oh, he's ignoring me!" were not true. Though I really didn't have much of those. Go,me.

I've resisted texting Charles for a whole week. How I have done that..I don't know. But I might text him tonight when the band is playing. They're up in Tennessee tonight.

I got my boots today! I'm psyched to wear'em! I also expect to get the latest Sue Grafton today by UPS. With the online price, my BN membership and a 15% coupon and free shipping, I paid about $13 for it! Super Bingo!

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