Whatever..nevermind. [ 2009-12-16, 6:44 p.m. ]

So...guess who didn't go to Roanoke today? That is correct.

Let me explain.

The last five days at work have been super busy. I'm out of shape. My body now hurts. All I wanted was rest. So, I stayed home. Plus, I guess I just felt like I was overdoing it in going to see Charles. I hate that feeling. Imagination or not, I am backing off.

Brooks not being on the internet for over a week means I couldn't get in touch with him. I hate just calling people. And he doesn't have a cell. I guess he'll figure it out. If he even remembers.

Sigh. My life is boring. I do have my dad going in for knee replacement surgery tomorrow. A week before Christmas. I keep telling him that that is really bad timing. Anyway, Mandy, me and my mom will be at the hospital in the morning while he does in for the surgery. My dad makes an awful patient. Whiniest person you'll ever meet. Seriously. I would hate to be his nurse. Or doctor. And I know that his physical therapy is going to be a trial. Luckily, there is somebody that will come to the house about that. I need to figure out a way to spend very little time here at the house.

I texted Maria this morning to let her know I wasn't coming. She totally understood. I texted Charles a few hours ago but have not received a text back. Whatever.

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