Nothing is irreversible [ 2010-02-02, 11:06 p.m. ]

Whew. I just finished watching the Lost season premiere. That was exhausting.

There was a point towards the end where Jack says to Locks "Nothing is irreversible." It just resonated with me. There always seems to be a moment in this show that strikes me to the core and makes me cry. Darn writers looking into my soul.

This past weekend was good. I went to visit Kathy up in Raleigh on Friday and the snow decided to come at the same time. So we were snowed in on Saturday. Stayed in our jammies the whole day. Watched "The 13th Warrior" which was interesting since I realized a bit of the ways in that it was a retelling of Beowulf.

Sunday was a bit of shopping and coffee and food. Watched the Grammys which blew for the most part. But then that show is not aimed towards my musical sensibilities. Pink's performance was cool and I enjoyed Jeff Beck with Imelda May. But nothing will top last year's Radiohead performance with the USC Marching Band.

It was heavenly being around Kathy and Robert's five cats and their 3 foster kittens. All of them have such distinct personalities. So cute.

Monday I headed home but got caught big time in traffic backed up on I-85. Added two hours to my travel time because a tractor trailer had overturned. They rerouted us through a town so we could catch the exit further south. I was dying of boredom by that time. I didn't have enough music and npr was boring the crap outta me. Totally need to get some more books on cd.

This week I want to get my taxes out of the way. See a few movies. And go out at least one night. Hopefully Thursday night. I'm hoping that works out.

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