Lowered Expectations [ 2010-02-24, 11:04 p.m. ]

Well, I haven't been doing so well in the Curves dept. I haven't been in over a week. In my defense, last week's schedule was almost impossible to fit in Curves. But I will persevere. Today was a root canal. Mouth a bit sore but I have some Vicodin for it.

I finally got to the Courthouse on Monday to file the papers for the lawsuit. It was a bit of an ordeal to do by myself seeing as how I've never been to the Courthouse. And the new one is massive. I went to 2 windows before I got to the right one. But everyone was helpful so that was nice. I sent the copies to the lawyer's office by Express mail.

I have tomorrow off and then work on Friday. I really want to give my two week notice to my boss that day. Inventory night was not good. I mean, the inventory went fine but I managed to mess up a couple things that I know she'll bring up. I can't take that stress of feeling like a failure anymore. I don't have another job yet but I KNOW I can get another one somewhere as a stopgap for what I really want to do. I live with parents right now so the only bills I have are my car payment (which is a bit high), car insurance, cable and cell phone. I have not yet told my parents about how work is going because I wanted home to be a non-work stress zone. But I need to let them know soon. My mom won't be difficult to tell but my dad will ask a ton of questions that will just serve to make me feel more of a failure. Sigh. But I have to do it.

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