Really???? [ 2010-03-14, 4:14 p.m. ]

I am free! Woot! Woot!
Thursday was an interesting day. The sort of hipster looking guy that I've had such a crush on since the store opened and he started shopping in my department came in. That was an awful sentence. Gee whiz. Anyway, I told him that the next day was my last day. He asked what I was going to do and I told him about the job and that I was writing about music,movies and concerts.

He told me about his band that was playing for the cd release on the 26th of March. That I needed to come and bring my pen and paper. I checked out his band's MySpace page and they were different than what I had assumed. Appalachian influenced folk music. Mostly instrumental. He plays violin, sitar and mandolin and percussion. How awesome. This guy is too cute.

So Friday was my last day. I worked 11-730. One of the head cashiers, Kelly, (the one who told me that I will be missed because I was a part of the store) gave me a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a card with a small gift card. I was very touched by that. Then there was a card that was signed by the staff and a cake. But it was all very anti-climatic and just felt like I was an afterthought. When Matt transferred to the other store a couple months ago he got streamers in the break room, a bunch of food and a card. I don't expect a gold watch but I was with them for over 16 years. I guess it doesn't mean much to the company. *shrug* Whatever. I'm glad I'm gone.

Saturday night I went out with Robyn. We saw "Alice in Wonderland" with a whole bunch of kids too young to see it. It might be PG but it's Tim Burton and that story is a bit too mature. I really enjoyed it. I'd like to see it again in 3D but this time not on a Saturday night. Heh.

After that we went to the karaoke bar and boy did I get smashed. Wow. I have not been that DRUNK in a very, very long time. But it was a hell of a lot of fun.

Today I ran a few errands and now I'm watching the SNL from last night. And I have nowhere I have to be. Ahhhh.

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