Hey, what happened to my "Super Gold" Membership? [ 2010-03-26, 4:00 a.m. ]

Today I drove the almost hour and a half to Hickory,NC to see Charles since the band he manages, F0lk S0ul Revival, was playing there. I haven't seen him since November so it was great to see his cute self. I did much drinking. Much. But I tapered it off enough to drive home fine. The drive home took a lot less time, thankfully.

A couple nights ago, I guess it was Tuesday, I was having a bit of a panic about the money I spent on the computer and my yet to get a writing gig problem. I did a little crying. I mean...I haven't even tried, ok? But hell, peeps, it's been exactly two weeks since I had my last day at the bookstore. But it feels like ages. But I do need to get on the stick.

Speaking of getting on the stick, that same night Brooks decided to be a bit pissy as men will do about me not wanting to talk. Sheesh. Stop being such a girl.

Speaking of being pissy, here's a little thing I posted about today on my message board:
I had a small but revealing run-in with my 23 year old niece today. She's always been bitchy but now that she's pregnant it's being passed off as hormones. Ha! to that. And she's gone all "I love going to church and all of my friends there" while apparently not practicing what's being preached to her.

I went to pick up my 19 year old nephew to take him to work (he and his twin sis are in their senior year). Since I don't have a regular job, I was ok with it. But I get there at 2:30 and honk the horn and nothing. I go to the door and my niece, M, is there on the phone saying in her passive aggressive way "Calm down. They're just now getting on their way home from school". I'm all "Then why am I here already?". Obviously a criss cross of info from my sister. And I asked her in a non-confrontational way "You didn't feel like taking him?" since she said she was off work. Then she says something about how her mom didn't realize she was off work and that she would take him and walked away very rudely saying she really didn't need people getting so upset about waiting for five minutes. I yelled after her "Hey, don't give me that!"

Then I went to the car and cried since I do that kind of thing. But I stayed until my nephew came home and then took him to work. And then when I looked on Facebook I see that M has posted "It is tiring when people bring their own unhappiness around you". I commented "Very true" which she then deleted.

Ugh. I don't hate or even dislike my niece but the chip on her shoulder she was born with must've made her birth a bit painful for my sister.

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