My vibrator is broken [ 2010-03-29, 1:47 a.m. ]

We had major thunderstorms in town tonight. Even a tornado touched down. Thankfully, for me, that was across town. But nobody was hurt, which is very good. Just trees down and a bit of damage to a few homes. That's always been my ultimate nightmare. To be in the middle of a tornado. That's what growing up for a few years in Memphis did to me, I think. Right in tornado alley. Constant tornado drills. That's my first nightmare that I remember. During a tornado drill at school, a tornado went through. Scary.

Tomorrow I have to start doing something. As in...not sleeping the whole damn day. Therefore, I'll be going to get some good workout shoes and also going downtown to once again file the papers for the assholes that are suing me. Then I have to send them off to the dickweeds.

But I also need to write an article. And really go over the book I bought about making money doing writing from home.

A couple nights ago I went to see the band of the cute guy that was a customer in my music dept. The band was terrific. Saw him for a minute afterward and he seemed happy to see me. I like having friends in bands. When I went out last Saturday with Robyn to see another friend's band and Alex, who I worked with at the club ages ago, was also there. It was really cool having people yell my name out and seem happy to see me there.

At the show on Friday I was sitting at a table by myself. The place was pretty full and a couple of young girls in their twenties asked if they could sit with me. We chatted and after the show they gave me a hug. Spontaneous concert friends are so cool.

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