Let's get productive! [ 2010-04-10, 5:02 p.m. ]

I've been suffering from writer's block. It's so bad that I can't even update this diary. I look at the computer and just see no inspiration whatsoever. I haven't posted anything to the examiner blog in over a week. It isn't good. This weekend I'm making myself be somewhat productive. I've gotten into the habit of just sleeping the whole day away. I knew there would be a coming down period after quitting the job but I didn't know it would last this long. I got up about an hour earlier today than I might have. Which isn't saying much considering how I sleep into the afternoon. But progress is progress. I went shopping at L@ne Bry@nt and bought a cute shirt and two t-shirt bras that fit really well. I was going to buy a pair of jeans but 1)they don't carry petite sizes in the store right now and 2)even the online store didn't have it in right now. So, that was discouraging. Until I got in the car and was driving and realized that I have a pair of the jeans in my closet. I have gone down a size in the past month or so. Strange, since I seem to have done nothing! But I do know I was generally eating crappy food for lunch at work so not having that in my life really helps.

After that I went to T@rget, my 2nd home. Bought some bottled 100 cal vanilla fraps, chicken patties for lunches, Grape Nuts and Aveeno calming lotion. My face has been a bit red right under the eyes and off the bridge of my nose on both sides. I am not exactly sure why but I hope this will help.

Last Tuesday, Robyn and I went to Asheville to see Vampire Weekend play at the Orange Peel. We got into town a bit early. Walked around some and ate dinner. It was my first time going to that venue and I really liked it. Lots of youngster types there though. The kind who are more concerned with how much drinking they can do instead of watching the show. It's fine if you want to drink but park yourself near the bar. Don't go back and forth into the crowd every five minutes! Otherwise, Vampire Weekend put on a great show. They sounded fantastic.

The drive back was good. Driving at night in the mountains (without any rain) is so peaceful.

This week I may be going to dinner with my friend, Kerry. Also maybe going out for drinks with Tracy. And of course going to the karaoke bar with Robyn. Yay for a social life!

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