Counting backwards... [ 2010-04-21, 3:25 p.m. ]

Today started off fine. Then I got pulled over by an asshole cop because of my expired tag. When I showed him the paperwork that showed that I had tried to get the car inspected (here in NC you now get your car inspected then re-up your registration) but it failed because the front two tires need to be replaced. Didn't matter to this dickwad. He gave me the ticket. Said if I showed up in court with the new registration and inspection that 99% of the time they waive the $155 fee. I don't care dipshit. So mad at this guy. Can you tell?

Anyway... I signed up for bellydance classes because they had them on sale for $25 which covers 4 classes through the groupon site. Brenda and I are going to go next Thursday. Should be cool.

I went to Record Store Day last Saturday by myself to basically the last independent record store in town. Its a hole in the wall near my old neighborhood. Sell a lot of vinyl, used and new. But also lots of alternative/indie bands cds, used and new. I spent $38 on a used Throwing Muses cd, used Marah cd, new Mgmt cd, new Dum Dum Girls cd, a Cramps sticker for my car and a copy of the latest issue of the Big Takeover. It was awesome.

Tomorrow Robyn and I are meeting up to go there again then to dinner and then to the karaoke bar. Woot!

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