Neglekted [ 2010-05-07, 6:54 p.m. ]

This past Wednesday I met with a Avon rep to sign up with them. I don't know how much money I'll really make but I thought I'd give it a try and put off getting a real job. If you're at all interested in buying from them and want to give me credit here is the link. Anything you buy on there, I get credit for. So buy away! They really do have some nicely priced items. I'm going to have to restrain myself from buying too much!

Yesterday I went to the bellydance class. I was supposed to meet Brenda again before the class but she never showed up. I sent a text. Then left a message on her cell and her home phone. Nothing. I had seen earlier on FB that she was going to lay down and hoped to feel better. So today I see her on FB and sent her a quick message on the site asking what happened to her yesterday. Still nothing. I did see her status saying that she slept for almost 20 hours. Which is some sort of miracle since she has two small kids and a teenager. I don't know. I love Brenda and she's been a good friend but she does have the habit of flaking out every now and then. I'm not mad. Just annoyed at the lack of communication.

Speaking of communication, I'm going to do a little test with Brooks. I'm not going to message/text him for a few days. See if he even notices. I'm feeling neglected lately.

I was starting to feel in a blue funk today but stirred myself out of the house to take a walk. Not the best of ideas since it was 89 degrees outside. I managed to walk for 20 minutes and felt like I was about to die. Came in and took a shower and my face was still a bit red! Geez. I really dread the summer if it's this hot already.

I sent an email to Kerry to see if she wanted to have dinner and a movie but she hasn't sent anything back yet so I guess I'm staying in. Tomorrow night I really want to go out. Somehow someway.

I'm planning on finally making it to the gym tomorrow and then I have an appt for a massage. Yay!

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