There's a million ways to be cruel [ 2010-05-13, 11:52 p.m. ]

I really wanted to go to the karaoke bar tonight but Robyn had to work in the morning and I really got out of the humor of wanting to go there by myself. I was very disappointed but I tried to not let her know that. You work, that has to come first. I understand. But that doesn't mean I wasn't really let down.

(The Hold Steady are on the Colbert Report right now and it's making me smile despite myself. I absolutely LOVE their new album "Heaven is Whenever")

Anyway... last night I went to see OK Go play and they were so great. Even if you only know one or two of their songs, go see them. You will be highly entertained. I'll embed the vid I took of them doing "A Million Ways". The lead singer had to do some patter before beginning the song and it's pretty damn funny. Also, later they had to clear off the stage after doing a song using handbells (!), he got off the stage with his mic stand and guitar, walked right in front of me and climbed up on the railing in back of me and performed a song by himself. This is why I love club shows.

So, you know I said I was going to not be emo about this thing with Brooks? Well, that ain't working. He's still barely saying anything at all to me. Sometimes nothing. Like yesterday I texted him to have fun at the show he was going to, PIL in Richmond or where ever. Nothing back. I am so sick of trying. So that's it. I'm forbidding myself from contacting him unless he makes an effort. I'm so tired of trying. So fucking sick of it.

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