I know my way home [ 2010-06-08, 1:31 a.m. ]

Right now I'm at Kathy and Robert's again. I found out last week that a band that I've been following on Twitter and Facebook for a while was going to be here in Raleigh so I came back for a quick visit again. The band is Run@way D0rothy (deliberately messing with the typing of it for googly reasons). The lead singer of RD is a guy named Dave who is really the songwriter as well. He's originally from North Carolina but has been living in NYC for 4 years. I was on FB when he was putting a status on there and when I replied about it, he mentioned to me that they were going to be down here for a show on June 7th and asked if I could come.

So, being the music fan that I am, I made sure I could bunk in again at Kathy's and told them yes. I ended up having to go alone since Kathy and Robert both had to work on Tuesday morning. I really don't like going to shows by myself but I can do it if needed. I walked in and it was pretty empty. The opening band was finishing a sound check. I got a beer and made small talk with the nice bartender. That's always the key. Make friends with the bartender and the night will go easy for you.

I saw one of the RD band members talking to a group a few feet away from me at the bar. Then I saw Dave walk up, who is pretty hot in person I have to say. I waited for a good time to say something to him and finally he came over to the empty spot next to me to order a beer. I introduced myself and had a nice conversation with him. He also introduced me to the equally hot bass player. Dang musicians! What is it about them?

So after the fairly good opening band finished, RD took the stage and played for probably 40 minutes. I took some video of 3 songs which I'm uploading to youtube as we speak. Also I took a few iPhone photos.

Tomorrow I go back home early afternoon. I have bellydance class at 6:30pm. On Saturday I go out of town again for my friend Maria (if you remember she was a good friend to me during the reunion) and her band playing up that way. I'll stay overnight at her house on Saturday after the show. I'm a groupie but it seems to only be for small bands. Heh. Which is so much nicer. Since you get to talk to the band that way!

I really felt an urge to write about RD. I think I might do that for the website that I haven't written for for a while now.

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