I'm a wee bit obsessed, thank you very very much [ 2010-07-11, 1:33 a.m. ]

I'm officially a great aunt! My niece, Jennifer, had her baby on Thursday. Everything went well, for the most part. They came home today (she's not married to the idiot father). She's living with my sister and her twin brother/sister. My great niece's name is Madison, which I've always liked. Today my mom and I went over to see them and we held Madison. She's a sweet baby. Very cute, of course. Wasn't fussy at all when we were there. Just sleepy. :)

Ok...well, I haven't heard back from the interview yet. But I think it's possible they might not call till the first half of the week. But...I might call on Tuesday just to check. I really really really really need a job. I'm putting in applications at grocery stores online for cashier positions. I'm going to do some follow-up for those on Monday. Not only do I need money desperately but I HAVE to get out of this funk. I can't afford my crazy pills since I have no insurance. As soon as I get enough money I can get my refill. It's about $150. So until then I have to be more pro-active about getting myself to do things to forward my progress. So far, I haven't done much. It's been more eating and sleeping and wasting time than anything else.

But, it isn't all bad. I've been watching lots of Doctor Who and falling fully in love with David Tennant. If you aren't familiar with him or he doesn't do it for you, just imagine an actor or musician who does make you very happy and imagine how I feel whenever I see him. The man is just damn dreamy. Cute. Sexy. Funny. Talented as hell. I watched "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" tonight because he has the small but important role of Barty Jr. in it. I know he's a bad guy but still a damn sexy one.

Sometimes I get the obsessions and it isn't very healthy for me. But this one makes me want to dream about getting myself out there. And not just dream..planning and doing. Plus, the sex fantasies are wonderful. Ha.

So, first there's this picture of him:

Then there's this wonderful youtube tribute to his sexiness:

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