She's a lot like you [ 2010-07-20, 1:15 a.m. ]

Nothing really new. I haven't gotten a job yet. I'm trying. But I know I could try harder. It's just dispiriting.

I really wonder if I really made the right decision in leaving the bookstore. Maybe I should have tried harder. Maybe. I know that I've enjoyed, mostly, these past few months. But I've squandered my money and now I have to get some serious income. The Avon isn't cutting it. Speaking of which...if you want to buy from me... Avon site. Go buy some stuff!

I went out with Robyn last Thursday which was fun. We haven't hung out for a long while. We were going to see Toy Story 3 but when we got to the movies the times were wrong from the online site. So we just went to a coffee shop and talked for a couple hours to catch up. Then we went to the karaoke bar and proceeded to drink quite a bit. I sang 4 songs "Steppin' Stone" by the Monkees, "Paint it Black" by the Rolling Stones, "Dangerous Type" by Letters to Cleo (their version of the Cars original) and "Never Tear Us Apart" by INXS. Afterward we went to a diner and ate and had more coffee to sober up. I ended up staying up till the morning from all that coffee but it was worth it.

Saturday night I went to a small party that April invited me to. Sort of a July birthdays get together. I brought a corn casserole for the potluck. I didn't drink. Wasn't in the mood to, really. There was some singing since several people could play guitar. I stayed until after 11pm when they were getting ready to move the party since April's sister didn't want a lot of drinking antics at the house that night since she had her kid there.

Still watching Doctor Who though I'm slowing down on watching them since season 4 is David Tennant's last season. Sigh. I have a movie of his from Netflix to watch "Secret Smile" and I'd watch that now but I might just doze off soon.

I came back to edit this to say that I realized a couple days ago that Brooks has a new girlfriend now. He has his profile pic on FB set to a pic of him and her. I looked at his info on his profile and it says he's in a relationship. So...that was pretty fucking quick. Good luck to her. I've stopped following him on Twitter and I've hidden him on my news feed on Facebook. I'm pretty close to just de-friending him. I don't know. I'm just highly annoyed and a bit hurt.

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