What just happened? [ 2010-07-30, 2:23 a.m. ]

I had an odd interview today. It was at 3:30 and I got there a touch early. Filled out the application, though I had also emailed my resume. A woman came in a few minutes later and also got an application and sat down next to me to fill it out. A few minutes later we were both called into the office for a dual interview. It seems to be a new way of interviewing so you can see how people interact. It was weird but I sort of liked it because I do pretty well in that kind of situation.

The woman, Lisa, was a few years older than me and seems nice. We were both applying for the front desk position at a Mass@ge En-vy (messing with it so it can't be googled). It's the company where I get my massages but a different location. So the conversation in the interview goes where the owner of the place (they are franchises) mentions that they haven't had a manager for that location for a week and a half. And with both of us having management experience he decided to just stop the interview process and set up separate interviews for the manager position next week.

So I have an interview with him on Tuesday at 12:30. She interviews with him on Thursday. I really hope he makes a decision quickly. I need a job soon!!

Everyone send me good vibes!!!!!

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