Boo!! [ 2010-08-16, 12:49 a.m. ]

Ok. Life is a bit better than the last time I posted. I just have no idea if anyone is still reading this. Give me a sign if you're out there.

I will either hear from M@ssage Envy this week saying I have the job or I won't hear from them at all if I don't have the job.

But I do have a temporary job that I started on Saturday. I had the interview on Friday and, because I think they're pretty desperate, there really weren't interview questions. Pretty much, and I think this was because of my experience, she told me about the job and that was it. The job is helping to set up the temporary store-fronts that pop up a couple months before Halloween each year. This one is called Spirit Halloween and they have 4 stores they're opening around town.

So basically they get a big team together and work for a few days setting up the whole place. Yesterday I went in at 8:30am and the first half of the day was staging all the product in the spots they would be displayed in. Ya know, stuff like bagged costumes, hats, wigs, makeup, props and all kinds of random Halloween stuff. Then it was going through again and making sure things were in the right place. After that we started setting up displays.

It was so damn hot in there and I was wearing jeans...bad idea. I drank two bottled waters and two large McDonald's iced teas. I had to keep myself hydrated or else I will totally black out. I could feel myself getting close and luckily they gave everyone a 15 minute break. After that it was a bit easier. Got off at 5:45pm. I was so very sore. When I got home I took a cool shower and made dinner and just relaxed.

Today I went in at 9am and there were still displays to continue working on. Really gave my upper arms a workout.

I don't mind doing the work really. I get frustrated though with not automatically knowing their whole routine and being able to just do what I need to do. I was so used to that in my music dept. I, more or less, had free reign, within reason. I also feel like they're used to stupid people working for them and I feel talked down to sometimes. But I have to let that pass. I know they don't mean to.

I got off at 4pm today and came home. Reheated my spaghetti from last night and watched "Date Night". It was pretty good. I enjoyed everyone in it. The plot got a bit much but still, I recommend it. After that I passed out for a couple hours. Woke up and watched "Mad Men" with mom. When Pete and Peggy exchanged that sad look at the end of the episode I teared up. I love those two.

Anyway, other things going on. There is a mouse in my house. Yes. That's what I said. It seems to like my room. Uh..yay? I saw it twice, once in the middle of the night on Wednesday and then again Thursday night. I slept on the couch Friday night and then fell asleep in my room last night before its usual appearance. For some reason the two times I saw it was around the same time...roughly 4:30am. I so hate this thing. We called an exterminator that came out on Thursday and he puts traps under the house (the kind they go in and eat bait and die) and he also put out little bait things around. Then he put bait just inside the cabinets and behind the washer/dryer. He also sprayed some bug stuff around the house which won't kill the mice but its supposed to make them avoid where its sprayed. It didn't work Thursday night though.I'm hoping its an ex-mouse now.

My dad talked to me Thursday morning and said he wanted to see if he could get me help financially. He knew I was not sleeping well and was very worried and not happy. Which I have to say that I had no idea he even noticed anything about me. So he called my Aunt Martha, his sister, on Friday and she told him she would look at her situation and see if she could help. She emailed me that night and said she could send me some money and that I should consider it a gift not a loan. I really don't know how I got so blessed. I'm really hoping I get a well-paying job soon so I can do something nice for her. Hopefully the check will get here tomorrow and then I can get my car insurance paid, my car payment done, my cell phone paid and my L@ne Bryant card paid. That will be a relief.

I would so love a massage right now. Preferably by David Tennant.

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