You say it's your Birthday.... [ 2011-01-24, 11:54 p.m. ]

This is my birthday week. I turn 45 on Thursday. 45. Weird. I definitely do not feel it. My body might though, actually. But mentally and emotionally, no.

I went to see "True Grit" with Robyn last Thursday. It was a good movie but not really in need of being remade. I love the original. The Coen Brothers did a great job in direction and all the actors were great. So it wasn't bad at all. Just not necessary.

Friday night we went to a local club to see a band that Robyn wanted to see. It was nice but the sound in that club is not very good. We agreed that it isn't a place that we really want to see bands.

I worked Sunday night helping to do a floor set and I worked tonight as well. Tomorrow,Tuesday, I'm going to the movies again with Robyn. We're going to see "The King's Speech", which I'm sure will be nominated for a bunch of Oscars tomorrow morning. I'm all excited about the noms being announced. It really is like my super bowl. Don't get me wrong. I love watching the regular Super Bowl. But I realllly look forward to the Oscars. I've always been like that. I have a notebook that has the winners written down from a long time ago.

Wednesday night I'm going with Mandy to Outback. Christy gave us both gift cards for Christmas as she knows we both like going there but can't afford to, usually.

Then on Thursday after eating my birthday dinner with my parents and then cutting my cake Robyn and I are going the karoake bar. For the first time since the summer! I'm really looking forward to it. Some drinking and karaoke. Woohoo!

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