Dammit [ 2011-05-02, 5:21 p.m. ]

I am a sick puppy. I have a raging sore throat and my head is all congested. I had to call out for today which really blows. I've just been in bed the whole day. My mom is mothering me today and went to Target for me to get some medicine. One of the perks of living with my parents.

Yesterday was the memorial service. But first I had lunch with Kathy and Robert who were down here from Durham to visit the IKEA store. We went to the IHOP and it was really nice to visit with them. I wish I could have gone to the store with them but the memorial service was at 2pm.

It was quite cool how many tattooed and funky-haired people were there. Since most of us have black in our wardrobe, going to funerals requires little shopping. Jay had a bunch of friends. I think there were probably about 200 people there. It was very touching hearing the stories a few of them got up to tell.

I was going to go to the wedding that was at 5pm but my body had been telling me things since that morning. I really wasn't feeling well. I went home and took a nap. And as the night went along my throat started feeling sore. I woke up this morning with it raging. Dammit. I have a concert for the Twilight Singers in Chapel Hill to go to on Saturday. I better feel ok by then.

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