Part Deux [ 2011-05-16, 1:21 a.m. ]

Ok,let's see how far I can go on updating about last Saturday the 7th.

There is an email list for the Afghan Whigs and anything related to them that I have been on for 10 years now. So,through there I got an email about another girl in NC that was in Winston-Salem who wanted to see about meeting up with other fans that were going since she was coming to the show by herself. Her name is Heidi and I told her that Robyn and I would love to meet up with her before the show and go have dinner.

Robyn and I left Charlotte at about 3pm. I have to confess that I looked pretty good. I was wearing a pair of black jeans that fit well. I hadn't been able to comfortably fit in them for a while. So that was cool. I was also wearing a black peasant-style blouse with a long colorful 3-strand necklace and wearing my old but still going black boots. I had dyed my hair once again the night before so it was a nice deep auburn.

We got into Carrboro (where the Cat's Cradle is located. It's right next to Chapel Hill) at 5ish. We parked in the Cat's Cradle parking lot and I showed Robyn my favorite little used book/cd/vinyl store that is just a 2 minute walk. We both found a couple of things and then walked back. By that time it was almost 6 which is when we said we'd meet up with Heidi. She is 28 but used to live in Cincinnati which is where the AW were from so she got to see them when she was in high school. I saw a group of 3 people there when I walked close to the entrance and called out Heidi's name. Another fan from the email list was there,too. Tammy and her friend Gary were there to meet up with us. It was really cool to instantly have a rapport with people you've never met in person. The joys of fandomhood.

Anyway,we could hear soundcheck going on so we decided to wait a while before we walked off to get dinner. After a while,we finally saw Greg walk out the door. He was on his cell but he looked over at us and gave us a little wave. We waved back,of course,delighted. After that we got up and decided to go ahead and start walking to a restaurant. Then we saw him off of his phone standing in the parking lot talking to the guys in the opening band (Margot and the Nuclear So and So's...whom I love). Heidi had more balls than the rest of us and walked over to Greg with her hand extended. He shook her hand and we walked over,too. Though Robyn did have to prod me. Sometimes I hate myself for timidity. It doesn't happen all the time but you first it's difficult to go ahead and start talking to one of your idols.

Ok...I'm sorry. I have to leave it for now. I will continue this tomorrow and promise to finish.

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