Can't have everything [ 2011-07-17, 4:34 a.m. ]

First off,I do believe I once again have a mouse problem. Unless my eyes were playing tricks on me, I saw one go into my bedroom closet. Fucker. So I'm now in the kitchen watching "Copycat" on cable while surf the 'net and I chatted with a friend on Facebook. I have about an hour and a half till sunrise. For some reason I think I'll feel better about going back into my room when it's light out. I,unfortunately,have to go to work at 11am tomorrow or today. Whatever. Sigh.

I'm doing better since Wednesday's meltdown at work. I kind of push it to the back of my mind. The thought that Jim has a girlfriend is not a new one. But I really was thinking "Oh,great. Now I'll be able to spend time with him without worrying about taking time away from a girlfriend." But, of course Jim would have a girlfriend. He's that kind of guy. One of the reasons why I love him.

I did send him an email last night telling him I would definitely want to try to get together this coming week and gave him a couple days. But he's out of town right now so I've gotten no reply yet.

My period is going full-on right now. Lucky me. We were so crazy busy at work on Saturday. I made the mistake of eating some McDonald's and my stomach just cramped up. Probably didn't help that I had my period,too. This weekend seems to be "screw the diet" weekend. Oh,well. Sometimes that's ok.

I'm supposed to meet up with Kristina tomorrow night. I used to work with her at BBW and she's moving to Arizona in a couple weeks. So she invited a few people through FB to meet up at Chili's for a farewell. I hope I can push myself to get there. I know I'll be beat after not enough sleep. And we'll probably be slammed again at work.

One nice thing. Alex,whom I used to work with at the nightclub 20 years ago,is buying us tickets to see They Might Be Giants who are playing in Asheville in September. He's married so it's not like that. It's just nice to have guy friends,too,ya know? Kathy's husband,Robert,was emailing back and forth with me last night about watching Finding Bigfoot and Ghost Adventures. While at the same time I'm talking to Alex on FB. Men love me. Just not the right one.

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