Going to California [ 2011-08-16, 11:05 a.m. ]

I've been meaning to update here for a while but obviously..I haven't. But the big news is that I'm going to San Francisco a month from now. I decided to go a couple weeks ago but it wasn't definite till I bought my plane ticket. The reason I'm going is because the Twilight Singers are doing a concert there to make up for one they had to cancel. This one will be special because they are going to do their second album in its entirety live for the first time which will feature an appearance by Mark Lanegan (yay!!). Then they'll come back out and do a second set.

When I first heard about it I just thought "Oh,man. I wish I could go to that." Then, much like with my trip to NOLA, I then thought "Why can't I?" No,I'm not made of money. But dammit. I've never been out west. And San Francisco is one of the cities that I've wanted to visit for ages. Plus, I have a friend from my message board that lives there. She's going to pick me up and take me to the airport. And we'll be able to hang out together. I'll be there from Friday the 16th to Sunday the 18th. I take the red eye out so I really have most of Sunday to do stuff. I'd like it to be longer but I don't want to take off any more time from work.

I'm going to be booking my hotel reservation with my next paycheck on Friday. There are some really good deals there so I think I can get about $100 a night at a decent place in the vicinity of where I want to stay. I can't wait to see City Lights bookstore, Alcatraz and Fisherman's Wharf among so many other things.

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