The city by the bay [ 2011-08-22, 7:34 p.m. ]

So exhausted. But the day went by faster than I thought it might. I worked 12-8 yesterday and came in today to work 8-5. Tonight the store has inventory. Almost everyone was working a split shift to where they would come in later today to work on inventory. Everyone kept saying "You're so lucky! How did you get out of inventory?!". I started to get a complex and, because I'm me, thought that maybe my new dept.mgr didn't think I was capable of doing inventory. I hinted around as much when I saw her before I left and she said that "No,I didn't want somebody to have to come all the way back." And also that the new part-timer had already said she would do inventory so that left me to be the day person.

She also thanked me for the prep work that I did today. I have to remember that as long as I know I'm doing a good job then there's nothing to worry about. This isn't the same as the bookstore. I can be appreciated for my worth.

Anyway, I've now made my hotel reservations for the San Francisco trip. So very excited! My head is already there. I know that the trip will go by very fast so I don't want it to come too soon,ya know? But still, I can't wait!

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