Ok,ok. My life isn't that bad. [ 2011-08-30, 11:50 p.m. ]

Oof. Boy,did I have a crap day yesterday. I think I was just tired and a bit stressed that I let little things get to me. I teared up twice at work which is not good at all. I hate doing that. There are times when I really think having a valium handy would be good for me.

Part of the stress is not having much money right before payday which is Sunday or Monday depending on how the bank processes my direct deposit because of the upcoming holiday. Also,I've been thinking about Jim. What's new about that? I don't know. I just want to have the same friendship that we had before and I don't think that's going to happen. And it just makes me miss him more. Then there are the body issues I'm having. Sometimes I can think I look pretty good for a person of my size. Then I get a glimpse at a bad angle in the mirror and I'm like "Yuck". I feel like a cow.

Good self-esteem is not an easy thing to keep. It just flies away from me when I need it most.

Anyway, I worked an extra day this week. This past Sunday was supposed to be a day off for me. But I worked 4 hours in accessories since they were a person short. And then I worked 4 hours in the women's dept doing markdowns for the clearance sale that started today. Fucking awesome. I love knowing there will be a bit extra in my paycheck this time.

Today is my dad's 76th birthday. I went to visit him at the rehab place after work today. It was nice. And relaxing really. I propped my feet up and we chatted and watched the Braves game. I stayed almost an hour and then went home. He'll be coming home finally a week from tomorrow. He's been using a walker so he's definitely making progress. Hallelujah!

17 days till San Francisco! Speaking of which. Over on the message board that the bassist for the Twilight Singers has because of his radio podcast,he suggested that the people on the board that are going to the show meet up before/after the show. So we all talked about it and came up with a place to meet beforehand and afterwards. There will be about 9 of us. All girls,of course. Heh. Anyway,he pipes up on the thread and asks where we'll be meeting up after the show. Meaning...he's meeting up with us. How fucking cool is that? I mean..really?! How do these cool things happen to me?

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