Orange Crush [ 2011-11-16, 6:59 p.m. ]

It has been a while,hasn't it?

I think I talked about how I was going to do NaNoWriMo this year. That didn't happen. And let me explain why. First off, I just couldn't come up with a beginning. I was completely uninspired. But also, and the biggest reason, was my arthritis or maybe bursitis in my right hip really makes it hard for me to sit in my bed with my laptop to write for a long period. So irritating. I do have a desk but it's piled with crap, of course. I need a personal assistant. Anyway, I have plans to help myself with this pain in my right hip.

I am going to join the YWCA so I can go swimming for exercise. I LOVE swimming and for me that is the best idea to help with my joints. It's pretty much a good all-over exercise for me,too. But I will probably try to do some regular machine work,too. I think I'm going to go there next week and get a tour.

I'm still talking to my Russian boy. My crush is about the same. He offered to fix my desktop computer, which has a bunch of music and documents that I can't get into for some reason. So, he has that at his home right now. He was very sweet to do that for me. I had a really nice dream about him last night after talking to him on Facebook. I was trying to not flirt too much but with two beers in me, that was not easy. He does have the girlfriend, remember.

I'm going to see Breaking Dawn this Friday with a couple of friends from the bookstore days. One of them just had a baby 3 weeks ago so I've bought a few outfits for the baby at work. They had been marked down to 99 cents each and then I got my 20% off. Score!

Also, on Friday morning I'm going to go to the regular N0rdstrom for biometric testing. They'll take some blood, do my weight and blood pressure. The blood will give them my cholesterol and glucose levels. So, if I can improve on things then when I get signed up for insurance I can save money. Speaking of the insurance, I finally became eligible! YAY!!!! I call in a few days to get it all started. So glad. :)

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