I have news! [ 2012-04-08, 6:49 a.m. ]

So....what's new? I've decided to go back to college. I have felt for a while that I''m just spinning my wheels and not doing anything that I love to do. I don't want to just have a job. I want a career. Therefore, I'm going to get an English Lit degree so I can get into the editing trade. Why that career? I've been helping the Russian guy at work (Egor) with his online creative writing course. He does his assignments and I edit them for him. His English is quite good but the writing part is a challenge for him since English is a complicated language.

I've really enjoyed doing that for him. Plus, when it comes to talking to the people at work who are in college and they talk to me about their papers, I have found that I get very excited about helping them choose a theme for a paper. I find that fun and really interesting. I think I'm finally at an age where classes will be such a mental stimulant that they won't be such a chore like they were when I was much younger.

I go see a counselor this Wednesday at the local community college where I went back in the day to see about my credits. I should have some to use towards a degree. The community college doesn't offer an English Lit degree but I can start there and then move onto UNCC. I promise to check in to let y'all know how it goes.

In other news, I have glasses! I've never had them before so this is a real change and a challenge. I need them for distance but I've been trying to get used to them by wearing them at work. It's helpful when my eyes are getting tired. Plus, I can totally do the sexy librarian look. If any of you want to see a pic, I've posted it on Facebook but I'm not overly fond of that one. Let me know though if you want to friend me on FB. If you do, just send me a message letting me know where I know you from. Facebook profile.

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