I look like the Face of Boe [ 2013-01-23, 4:28 a.m. ]

Where to start? Well,the hurting calf turned out to be a strained calf muscle. Which meant pain pills.

Those led to me having an allergic reaction and since Saturday I've dealt with hives and a big,puffy face. Like the bag under my left eye is so big that obscures some of my vision. Also,the slight double chin that I have is now so ballooned that it makes me look like Honey Boo Boo's mother. All of this means that I left halfway through the day at work. I got some Benadryl to help with the massive itching. I went to the urgent care while noticing how swollen my face was. I was trying to think of how the side of my face being swollen made me look like Eric Stoltz in Mask. Terrible and appalling. They gave me a steroid shot at the urgent care. And a prescription for the itching. Plus,one for a steroid pack in case the shot didn't have the effect that I needed. It didn't,of course,so I had to call out for today,which was inventory day. So that freaking blows. And I knew I wouldn't be available for public viewing tomorrow either so I'm already called out for that. Sigh. I hate this. I want my normal life back!!!!!! (The only good news here is that my leg is actually better finally)

On Saturday at work I found out that the guy who is our lead in department was going to be going to the full-line store. And that they'd already found his replacement,a guy from the full-line store who is the brother of their new HR person. I got sooo upset about that. I raised hell basically. Went to my asst.dept manager and told her how upset I was. She let the dept manager know and he sat down with me and let me know that the decision was made without him having any say in it. I then sat down and spoke to my store manager who apologized for not realizing that I would have wanted the position. He thought I didn't want to move up at all. Which...bullshit. But he has promised,and I'm going to hold him to it,to get me into the accessories lead position. That could possibly happen in a month. As soon as I get back to normal I'm going to have to bust my ass at work to show that I'm up for it.

Like I said...I want my normal life back.And my normal face.

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