Gumphood - 2005-09-28 11:38:56
9 hours. With that kinda false advertising I can't read this anymore. I mean really. ;)
cat - 2005-09-29 02:57:05
I know exactly what you mean about "hard" sleep...though I usually call it "heavy" sleep. :-) And I'm so sorry about your foot! Ouch! Especially after what happened to your toe! Were the victims one in the same? As for the upset over your life...well, I know (from personal experience) that *anything* bugging on the periphery of the mind can become a full-blown tsunami of depression when one is sleep deprived. You're life is NOT pathetic Judith; baby steps, remember? (Oh good gawd, I'm about to give advice -- somebody stop me)!! When there's something you want to change (ie, making a career change, spicing up the ordinary) -- even committing to ONE one goal a week is fantastic. Imagine how much you can accumulate in only a month! *Hugs* (End of preachy, interfering speech). :-)

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