boom boom - 2007-08-05 08:23:23
dont be so sure.. stranger things have happened!
anonymous - 2007-08-05 11:54:07
Boom boom - please don't encourage her. While I do sympathize that it's never fun to have feelings for someone when it's not reciprocated, he's NOT available. Period. The healthiest thing for her to do would be to move on and find someone who is available.
Amy - 2007-08-05 14:49:52
You might want to reconsider viewing a future without a romantic relationship with Jim as being "doomed."

Who knows what will happen? Even if you ended up together, that doesn't guarantee happiness. If you end up without him, that doesn't guarantee misery.

You have a lot going for you. I have no doubt that you could live a happy and full life with or without him in it.
webmiss - 2007-08-05 17:39:29
As hard as it might be, maybe some serious personal space between the two of you would be the absolute best thing that could happen right now. He needs to sort out how he feels about the Allie/Brooke thing, and maybe you need some time to kind of close off your heart so you can truly be just a wonderful friend to him. Ultimately you will know to do what is best for you.

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